Made in Bogotá 2016.

This video captures the evidence of out-of-place artefacts which is accompanied by digitally auto generated sound.

Built up on four sequences with events from the geographical navigation of a metropolitan environment. Providing footages of a text from The National Museum of Colombia, a painting made on the wall that resembles a character with piercings surrounded by the words good or punk cox, an assemblage of a hungry dog and pigeons eating chicken bones and leftovers from opened up trash bags on the pavement, a dead or fallen angel looking like human that is laying on the ground. In the hot, frying sun alongside the highway with passing by cars.

The text in the beginning says:

Each object has had a place in the cultural universe of the groups from which they come, And is the result of the accumulated knowledge for hundreds of years. According to their beliefs, the natural environment they inhabit and the resources that this provides them.