Klonazepam - Hope and the scenery beyond

Made in Stockholm 2015.

A site-specific performance I made with Daniel Zalewski by the Astra Zeneca plant.
Alongside the commuter train tracks of Södertälje, southern parts of Stockholm.

The idea of the work originates from investigating different representations of the human figure in religion.
Questioning the definition of hope and what it even means for people that might be dealing with problems or addiction of pharmaceutical drugs that are being coordinated.

From a contemporary dance of balance by:
Multinational, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies around the world.

The companies produce medicine for people with problems, in need of taking them. Helping them to function and stay alive.
Are the same companies producing drugs that nourishes the streets and kills people.

This is dedicated to everybody that have had it fucked up.

You know who you are, I do not forget.